Premium Aggregates for Every Project

At Somerset Stone & Stove, we offer a curated selection of aggregates designed for every project. Enrich your gardens with our organic compost and growers-mix, establish strong grounds with our shim gravel, crushed rock, and sand, or enhance landscapes with our stone dust and mulch. Whether you're controlling erosion or perfecting your pathways, we have the quality materials you need. Your vision, our materials, together we build.

Current Aggregate Pricing

Prices as of 04/19/2023.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Seafood Compost $65 yd.
Growers-Mix (Peat Moss/ORG Compost) $59 Yd.
Erosion Control $35 yd.
Stone Dust (unwashed) $36 yd.
Black or Natural Brown Mulch $40 yd.
Loam $49 yd.
3/4" Shim Gravel $29 yd.
3/4" Crushed rock $37 yd.
Sand (live & Dead) $25 yd.

Compost and Growers Mix may contain glass, paper or other products.

Delivery $6 a mile, $35 minimum one-way.
Maximum delivery 4-5 yds. on heavy material
Maximum delivery 10 yds max on mulch